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  1. Manage email using getmail, msmtp, and mutt

    The following instructions detail the setting up of an email system, separated into the following components:

    • Mail storage: Maildir;
    • Receiving email: getmail;
    • Sending email: msmtp;
    • Reading email: mutt;
    • Backup email: archivemail.

    Mail directory

    The first step is to generate directories in which to store your email. There are two main ...

  2. Python development environment for scientific computing

    Scientific computing using Python involves three core packages: Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib. This article explains how to install these packages into an isolated virtual environment, which helps to avoid breaking the system environment.

    After installing the core packages, we can move on to getting the IPython interactive shell and PyOpenCL ...

  3. Installing debian testing (Wheezy)

    Debian is a Linux distribution, notable for being the foundation of the popular Ubuntu distribution. There are three releases of Debian: "stable", "testing", and "unstable"; each of which is given a codename based on characters from the movie "Toy Story". At the article date, the "stable" distribution is codenamed squeeze ...

  4. Optical regeneration

    Regeneration is a key function of optical networks, required to clean distorted pulses and reduce (or minimise) the impact of noise during propagation.

    The spectral broadening and filtering (SBF) type regenerator was proposed by P. V. Mamyshev in 1998, and consists of an optical amplifier such as an Erbium-doped fibre ...

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